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  1. I just opened the file again (next Day) and this time it didn't crash. I was able to make a change and export it. So all good. Maybe my computer was running a bit slow last night??
  2. I created an A3 poster with lots of images (logos) in the Beta version and it kept crashing. I had already printed it so I could create a new one from scratch in the release version of Publisher quite quickly. But now the new one is crashing also. It seems to happen when it is struggling to link to all the images. Spring Flower Festival Poster.afpub
  3. PeteOzScot

    Bug in Tables

    I created a table. Then at the end I used tab to create another row and paste to add text. The Publisher would then freeze. I repeated the action and the same thing happened. Spring Flower Festival 4.afpub
  4. Thanks firstdefense for sending me in the right direction, I found I had to click the fx a second time but in the blue box for the Outer Shadow to be active. Cheers
  5. Is it possible to do drop shadows of text in Publisher? I select the text layer and fx but can only blur the text.