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  1. JohnEpler

    long brush delay

    I had NO problems with AP until I "upgraded" to 1.7.2 on 17 August. I know next to nothing about the program's inner workings, but it seems to me that AP is getting its memory clogged "remembering" brush strokes, much like some browsers do when their cache(s) are full.
  2. JohnEpler

    long brush delay

    Restarted computer with tablet unplugged. Used mouse for about 5-10 minutes, then same problem.
  3. JohnEpler

    long brush delay

    A further addendum - after sending the last message, I thought - restart the computer! Which I did. The program worked fine for about 10 minutes or erasing and redrawing lines, then the same problem came up.
  4. JohnEpler

    long brush delay

    I spoke too soon about the problem being "solved". It's doing it now in the tiff file, also. This is a new file I just scanned attached) - there's lots of scanner noise which I take out with the erase brush, and use the pen brush to smooth lines, correct things, etc. It worked fine for a bit, and then started doi9ng it again. I tried saving the file, but the problem persists. I quit the program, re-opened the file, and the problem persists. FLcyphSVIII pit1.tiff
  5. JohnEpler

    long brush delay

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, you're correct about the tool names. The solution provided via the Windows forum worked - when using the tif version, things worked as usual. As I wrote on the other forum, I usually work with tifs, but this time I was "lazy" and started in on the afphoto version. I use an ancient WACOM graphics tablet. I've been doing this a long time, but when Adobe went to their greed-based subscription mode, I found Affinity Photo and have been using it for about 2 years. BTW, when I noted this problem, I tried it with my mouse instead of the tablet, and the result was the same - an annoying lag in response. I am not tracing any drawing, I scan my rough inked drawings and then clean them up with the program. I'm using a 27" iMac with 16 GB RAM, running OS 10.13.6 (I'll move up to Mojave one of these days ...), graphics with AMD Radeon R9 M390 2048 MB. So why does it not work correctly as an afphoto file?
  6. JohnEpler

    Inpainting brush lag in

    Chris, Greyfox - HA! I had no problems once I saved the file as a TIF. I usually work with TIFS instead of .afp's, but for this project I just started in on the afp version - perhaps this why I "finally noticed" the brush lag. Hmmm ... btw I use various brush widths (depending on how detailed I'm working), but almost always 100% opacity, workflow and hardness (for some additional probably useless information). So, that begs the question - why the lag with ,afps? And I also have to apologize for not realizing how to find your responses - our Fake president here is dragging everything down!!!
  7. After a recent upgrade (I'm running Affinity Photo 1.7.2 on a iMac running OS 1013.6 with 16 Gb of RAM), there is a serious delay in brush action when either using the pen tool ('B") or the erase tool (E"). It's quite annoying, to say the least, and it causes me to make even more mistakes than usual! These are simple B&W files, created from images I drew, inked and then scanned as TIFs. I've attached a sample file before I've gone over it . (I submitted this earlier but in my ignorance posted it to a Windows group). Also, the zoom tool quit working the way it used to. FLcyphPrehensor001.tif
  8. JohnEpler

    Inpainting brush lag in

    I have the same annoying problem which seems to have developed since the last upgrade. I tried frequent saving - no difference. I'm working with simple B&W files, imported from scans of insect body parts that I have drawn and inked. Most of what I do is smooth lines, correct things, etc. Nothing complicated. I've attached a file that has been partially worked on. FLcyphPrehensor1.afphoto

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