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  1. Well, somebody has an idea ? Folks at Affinity ? Anyway, I'm not going to buy an application which is not able to handle the importation of selected artboards and layers from Photoshop and Illustrator files. I'm aware to be a captive customer of Adobe, but I'm not the only one. That was a major improvement and now I don't imagine to do without it. I think this will be a serious obstacle to the rise of Affinity if they don't find something to get around this. Thanks.
  2. Yes, kind of, I don't figure out how to choose the right artboard. It's always the first one which is placed. But when I double-click the placed art in Publisher (namely artboard #1 of the Illustrator file), it opens a new tab named <Embedded> with all the artboards displayed as pages in the same order than in the illustrator file. So, as it looks like the PDF stream includes all the artboards in the right order and can display them, I guess there should be a way to choose a specific one to place. I tried to drag and drop one of these "embedded artboards/pages" on the tab of the main document but with no avail.
  3. Hi, This must have been already discussed, but I couldn't find where : When I import an illustrator file with multiple artboards, I can't manage to choose the one I want to place. Is there a way to do that ? Thanks.