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  1. Hi I forgot to tell you that i am working on a Mac
  2. Hi, Does someone know how to set a default language in any of the Affinity Apps. I am Dutch so I would like to set the spelling language to Dutch.
  3. You are probable right assuming that hiding the context toolbar would save some people some space. I don't know yet, that it's a bug, because I can't remember using the option, but I will wait and see if it will spontaneously happen again. Thx!
  4. Hi, I wanted to use the poligon shape in Affininty Publisher to create a perfect triangle , but I missed the context toolbar to change the amount of sides. I also tried to do it from publischer in the designer persona, but that didn't help! Regards, Aldert Ottens
  5. Thanks for comment, Another user said I should look in the "view menu" for the option "show context toolbar". I was confused because I wasn't expecting that you could "not" show the context toolbar! In my opinion that shouldn't be possible. Because you will need it most of the time when using one of the tools. Thx!
  6. You where right, I changed the setting to "show context toolbar" in the View menu and it was solved. Thx!
  7. Hi, I did what you recommended and saw that now the text ruler reappeared kind regards, Kikonimo gebruiksaanwijzing DSF.afpub
  8. Hello, I got the same problem. The text ruler is not showing up. Even if text ruler is checked in the view menu and the context menu and the frame text tool is selected. regards,
  9. Hi again, As you can see in the image, I selected a letter, it proves that i am in the editing mode of the text box. All the properties are set so I asume that its a bug
  10. Kikonimo

    Color Separation???

    Hi, It would also be a good functionality when using Spot colors