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  1. Hi Wosven! Thanks for your input Exporting the ad to PDF/X-1a:2003 solved the problem!!! The X-1a file was approved (no RGB transparency warning) when uploading it to the newspaper, and it looked OK and had transparency. Previously I had exported with "PDF (for print)" and "PDF (for export)", but it keeps RGB in the PDF. Have a great day Wosven!
  2. Well thank you MikeW! Now we know what is wrong - the document is using "ICCBasedRBG, sRGB-IEC61966-2.1". Why is it doing this? I'am exporting the document as CMYK. Can the Affinity crew fix this in the software?
  3. Hi R C-R, In the original ad there is a image behind the white transparent bar and then some black text above the bar. But right now it does not mater: Affinity Designer is not exporting everything as CMYK, some parts - like transparency - is still exported as RGB. This problems does not exist white Adobe Creative software because my friend who use that have no problems exporting the transparent bar as CMYK (no RGB!). I need to find out how to save an ad in Affinity Designer without RGB transparency!
  4. Hi Dan and thanks for looking in to my problem. I can not send you the original ad because it is not mine. But I have done some testing and it is only the transparent white bar that is causing problems. I will attach a pdf I exported from the afdesign file and a screenshot from when I upload it to the newspaper and get an RGB warning. A friend who use Adobe Creative software was able to export the PDF without a RGB warning. So I know that Adobe software is able to change RGB transparency to CMYK. Can Affinity Designer? test2.pdf
  5. Sometimes I help companies with print ads. Today I received an ad and it had colour format CMYK/8, but when I exported it to PDF and send it to the newspaper I got the following error message: "RGB color is used for transparency group". The newspaper does not allow RGB at all, only CMYK, in ads. I found the "problem", a transparent rectangle that I attach to this thread. I can not find how to change the transparency from RGB to CMYK for this vector i Affinity Designer. How do I change the transparency from RGB to CMYK? test.afdesign

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