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  1. Cross4

    Affinity getting sluggish

    same issue. about 100 pages in to a graphic novel, so its solely image based and the program slows, doesnt respond then does. its a tiring cycle
  2. Cross4

    program freezing

    well i'm out of beta now with just affinity pub. started the file over and its slowing down with less pages done that before. i'm honestly getting a bit frustrated here
  3. Cross4

    program freezing

    it's been almost a month. any news here? has my file been fixed or what was the problem?
  4. Cross4

    program freezing

    any update on this?
  5. Cross4

    program freezing

    any update on it?
  6. Cross4

    program freezing

    thanks so much. bit of a relief to know it happened to someone other than me.
  7. Cross4

    program freezing

    window 10. and the file is just wrapping up. you should have it soon
  8. since the update, every time a file i was previously working on (300+ page graphic novel) the program gets extremely sluggish, freezes, fails to respond and has crashed twice. i always end up having to end it through task manager as it begins to slow the rest of my computer. i have space on memory and plenty of processing power. and the file/program was working perfectly well before the update.

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