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  1. Thank you, it looks that with the beta version I no longer get the flickering effect, and whoa! Much better with the brushes! When will it be officially released for download? Regards Daniela
  2. Hello, just downloaded the beta. I was using the three basic brushes (.abr) front ctrlpaint.com. Then I switched to the brushes that came w/Affinity Photo. I still get the flickering black screen. Thank you Daniela
  3. Just gave up photoshop and purchased affinity photo & designer. But when I went to work on an illustration I'm encountering. Flickering black screen Brush paint under previous brush strokes, in the image attached the yellow wound up being painted beneath the black, no idea why. Jagged outlines around the brush strokes. I have a wacom mobilepro 16, drivers are updated. So is the OS. So far this is not a good experience. Hope there's a fix? Or an explanation? Thank you