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  1. I do trust that they're working on it with DxO. I only meant that RC2 is late in the development cycle for a solution to appear in this release. Even if they work out the fix, it needs to be carefully integrated and tested so as not to break any other plugins. That's a change that developers are reluctant to change in a release candidate.
  2. Since I still see this problem in RC2, I assume it won't be fixed in this release. As I said, this does not appear to be a profile issue since zooming in to at least 33% fixes it.
  3. I also tried my Viveza (original pre-Google NIK version) and also see the desaturated colors. I'm not sure why this is considered a profile problem. As suggested elsewhere, if you zoom in the image in Viveza to at least 33%, the colors appear correct. If the profile were wrong, would it do that? It strikes me as a memory problem or something similar.

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