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  1. Hi stokberg, thank you so much now it seems to be working again.
  2. If I export the document as pdf then the white gets a blue tone.
  3. Thank you Walt! exactly Yes. Now that I changed the color profile in affinity to RGB8 and BenQ it is the real white. If I insert a file or document, then it is not really white. Even the color palette in Affinity can't display this white correctly. I`ve attached a screenshot so maybe its easier to understand what I mean. This issue has already occurred for a few months but I can't remember any hardware change. I think it was also before installing Win10.
  4. Hi all, from one day to the next something has got mixed up with the color management in Affinity Design. The white became a yolk yellow. When I tried to change the color profiles in affinity, sometimes nothing happens and the white remains yolk yellow. With other documents the background becomes a neutral white but other elements that should be also neutral white remain yolk yellow. Like I said, I tried to change profiles, from RGB to CYMK, from AdobeRGB to the Benq-Profile (my monitor). Nothing worked. When I start with a RGB/8 and Benq-Profile everything is shown correctly, but the PDF documents I import, always have this yolk yellow instead of neutral white. I have to say that I am not a professional graphic guy. This problems I have on a Windows computer. Can someone please help me? Thank you
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