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  1. I'm not going to try it unless/until I'm absolutely certain that I can open and close .afphoto files ... anyone out there with experience of this?
  2. I gave up in the end (no response to my queries of 2 July) and re-installed ios12. Shame because 13 is a vast improvement in so many respects - just completely unreliable and unusable (in my case) with Affinity Photo.
  3. Same issue when working on a new document/photo, then saving a copy - whether to the cloud or to iPad. The 'copy' cannot be opened by clicking on the file in 'Documents'. All files already open on the Affinity Photo Desktop (and saved to the AP memory?) open and close fine. But if I can't access current .afphoto files, or save to Documents, I'm going to have to revert to ios12. Am I missing something here? Is there any way of opening AP files stored as 'documents' (either on the iPad or in the Cloud) from within AP itself?
  4. Works fine, except that I can't seem to open my stored .afphoto files from the 'Documents' app. The names are there, together with the correct file size information, but there is no thumbprint image - and clicking on the name of the file has no effect (in ios12 this automatically opened the file in Affinity Photo). Also for some reason the files are in an 'Affinity Designer' folder, not Affinity Photo as previously. Any ideas?
  5. OK can you remind me of details of how/where to submit crashed files, and I'll send in when it happens again (sorry if this info is available and I've missed it)
  6. Hi Gabe What normally happens is that the program closes. Then on reopening, the document can be selected from the AP opening screen, but the last session of editing has not been automatically saved. So all I have to re-do the work, or (assuming I've saved to the iPad documents folder as described in my post) open my latest saved version. Of course this is far from ideal, as I'm having to save every five minutes or so, and this can take a while. Some operations seem to produce result in crashes more than others. I may be wrong, but collages that contain a lot of duplicates of objects (each saved to individual layers) seem particularly vulnerable, when I'm working on that object/layer (re-sizing, moving, etc). Many thanks Peter
  7. Hi All I’m new to Affinity Photo for iPad, and new on this forum, so apologies for length and if I’m missing something obvious (I’ve never previously used this type of software). I'm really enjoying exploring the creative potential of AP with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro (2018) with Apple Pencil 2. For those of us exploring the art/photography interface, the combination of AP on iPad with Pencil is a game-changer. I've had no difficulties at all with relatively simple photo editing (file sizes of around 130 mb with several layers). However, I'm also experimenting with quite complex photo collages, some containing as many as 50 layers and resulting in file sizes typically of 800 mb, and in one instance 1.5 gb (some of the layers involve freestyle brushwork). The collages are made by adding and rasterising photos to a background scene using the ‘place’ function, then the Selection persona to add parts of of the new photo to the collage. My experience over the last couple of weeks is that once such collages reach a certain size/complexity, the file becomes corrupted somehow and AP crashes. This usually occurs after re-sizing or moving objects, or some other type of re-working. I've found that the only way to avoid losing work when this begins to happen is to regularly press the Document button and choose 'save a copy'. Selecting 'save' on the subsequent screen enables the file to be saved to the iPad's Documents folder. Then if the program crashes again before a further copy is made in this way, the saved file provides a clean restore point (the 'current' buggy version of the file has to be closed without saving in order for the saved file to be opened directly from iPad Documents). As forum members have noted elsewhere, other ‘saving’ methods (pressing the 'back' button when in the document, or selecting 'save' from the thumbnail in the AP opening screen) appear to be ineffective. So while I think Affinity Photo for iPad is great value and I’m having fun with the program, it’s far from perfect. Some thoughts/questions: Is the ‘bugginess’ something we just have to put up with and work round? Are the problems likely to be addressed in future updates? Is the Mac version of AP more stable/reliable, and can it be used in conjunction with AP for iPad in a way that avoids crashing (though I don’t want to lose the benefit of the Pencil with iPad)?