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  1. Hmm, not sure what you're looking at there in affinity, perhaps you've just opened the psd in affinity? It looks like this on my side, in affinity, but like what you're seeing in photoshop.
  2. Hi Dan, Thanks for your reply. I've removed all the colour balance adjustment layers from my file, but I'm still having some issues with the image once it's been exported to psd. Are there any other known issues that may be causing this? RST_0050_sourceplate_v004__nocolourbalance.psd
  3. I've been trying to export a file as a psd to submit for my hand in at uni, but the colours come out drastically different in photoshop. I've tried different options within the exporting menu, but they all seem to yield the same result. I have uploaded the afphoto file and the psd file for comparison. Please help, I need to hand this in on Friday! RST_0050_sourceplate_v003.1001.afphoto RST_0050_sourceplate_v006.1001.psd