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  1. Hi >|<, I did it your way. Okay, I'm a newbie so it took me more than a minute I changed all four files I had to do and I got the result I wanted. Thanks >|< !
  2. Hi gdenby, I managed to get the same result as you did. You described it perfect, only I got it wrong! And now I know what you meant by shift-click, it's so easy once you got it! Thanks!!!
  3. Hi gdenby, I am quite new to vector grafics, or at least to grafic design. So to step 6 I selected all as you wrote shift-click and this selected all . So now I tried do select only the holes in step 6 (cmd-click on MAC), I clicked on every shape in the right side list to select and if no hole I clicked again to deselect. Not a fun work, and finally Affinity Designer crashed.... Yes of course I saw your attached work and so much thanks for it. But I have three more of this kind and I want to be able to do it by my own. So I am trying to understand what you have done and I know I have a lot to learn, please keep patient with me. I keep trying... Thanks
  4. Thanks, terrific ! Just one more question, please remember I am a newbie It nearly worked Either I missed something in step 6 or I am too stupid for step 9. In step 6: I selected all new objects, which were created by divide. Is this wrong? Step 9: Now the highlights on the tuba are transparant (not white) And is there a easy way to select objects in the drawing (ex. double click) and see it highlighted on the canvas/page? Thanks for you help
  5. Hi, I'm new to vector grafics and Affinity Designer, so I mostly think in pixels I converted a jpg into a svg (8 grey curves) an imported it into AD. So in AD I get 8 curves with different shapes in grey tones and transparency which in totally represent my jpg . My current problem is that I want a transparency background around the object it self, as the jpg is a picture of an object on a white background. (So if I would do this in pixel I just would use my fill tool and fill the white frame with transparency until it hits the outline of the object.) So far what I have already tried to do: 1) Delete the rectangular curve of the frame -> this inverts the shapes with transparency and white (greys) and I'm stuck again 2) Split the curves via menu into separate curve (one shape) -> alle shapes are now filled white and as there a lot of them I'm stuck again. I hope anyone can understand my problem I've tried to describe and more over can help me. As I have to do this with at least four pictures I would prefer a more ore less automated solution. For clarification I attached a sample. Thanks tuba_silber_vectorized_grau.svg