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  1. I'm sure this has been requested before, but it would be awesome if we could open CorelDraw files in Affinity Designer.
  2. Congrats on 1.7! For the next update it would be great if you could detect custom keyboard shortcut keys and use that instead of reverting to the default.
  3. Hi Alfred, Thank you for your reply. Sorry, "converting outlines to curves" is CorelDraw-speak. You are right, I am referring to converting strokes to filled shapes. Your suggested workaround works, but of course the imperfection is still there, only less noticeable. For designers who are a little OCD about these things it is still a problem, even if clients are unlikely to notice. The Donut Tool is a good solution for this case, but the circles were used only to demonstrate the problem.
  4. To reproduce: 1. Draw a few small circles inside each other. The smaller they are the more noticeable the problem becomes. 2. Add outlines. 3. Convert outlines to curves. See the attached screenshot.
  5. firstdefence, many thanks for responding. I noticed that Alt click does that and it preserves the objects, but it does not simplify things in the sense of it being a time-saver, which is what I was after. I hoped there would be a Shift click or Ctrl click or maybe a setting somewhere so that I could customize the default behavior. Thanks anyway.
  6. When objects are aligned, for example vertically centered, both objects move towards each other. The Arrange tool allows us to move one towards the other, for example the one clicked last stays where it is and the other one moves, but then this setting is ignored the next time I use a keyboard shortcut to align objects. The alignment behavior selected under the Arrange flyout should be applied to all alignment tasks until the user changes it.
  7. Hello. Is it possible to intersect two objects and preserve both objects, plus the new intersect object. I can achieve this by duplicating the objects, then intersecting, but I am hoping for an easier way. Thank you!
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