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  1. After searching around online a bit I found a link to the lensfun site where the lens correction profiles for AP are listed. Among the lenses listed is the Samyang 14mm f2.8. Since this lens is entirely manual with no electronics, it doesn't show up in the EXIF data. My question is, how do I get AP to apply the lens corrections for this lens if it doesn't see it in the EXIF data?
  2. Dan, Thank you for the welcome! I closed AP and restarted and the problem seems to have disappeared. I had edited a few images and the color wasn't matching what I was seeing in Affinity when I used other software to open them but after the restart for whatever reason it appears to be fixed. I did make sure the ICC color profiles matched in windows and Affinity and made sure the exported .jpg has the same profile as well. So.... sorry to have made an unnecessary post!
  3. I recently noticed that the colors of my images are "off" by quite a bit after exporting. I checked my monitor to make sure it was set to "sRGB" and in AP it is also set to sRGB. How can I make the image colors look correct after exporting? I am using a windows 10 64 bit PC if that makes a difference. The monitor is a cheap walmart AOC but it's all I can afford. Nevertheless, it isn't a monitor problem because it's only after exporting that the pictures look "off".
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