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  1. Hey Sean P, Forgive my delayed response, but doing a "Rasterise Entire Page" seemed to do the trick, unless it was the update that did it. Either way, this was very helpful. Thank you.
  2. Hi Sean P, I sure can. Here are my print settings and I've attached the document, as well as the PDF below. And my PDF settings: window decal_2019.afpub window decal_2019.pdf
  3. Hello all, I've been using Affinity Design for about a year or two now and lately I've been playing around with various Publisher betas. Most things within the program work well for the most part, but when it comes to printing, I start to have issues. I'm not certain that this is a bug, or if there is a way to fix this. So I figured I'd start here in the bug section, if that is okay. All of images in this decal design are separate images, with the exception of the green and tan kitchen counter top at the bottom, which is a linked document. The problem I'm having shaded boxes appear around all the individual images on the printout. None of this stuff appears in the document on screen; it looks clean and clear. My layers don't indicate an issue, to my knowledge. The entire document is to have a gradient sky background, but it only appears within the selection boxes around each individual layered image, meanwhile the rest of the background is a solid blue, causing the ugly shaded boxes, as seen down below. I saw that the exact same issue was posted here, back in October. But there was no clear remedy, or at least nothing that helped me. Even exporting it as a PDF and printing said PDF didn't change anything. It just isn't making sense that this would keep happening, when no such occurrences are changing on-screen. Initially my printer ink was low, so I swapped in new cartridges, since it needed to be done anyway. Still no changes. I even did a head cleaning on the printer, and still nothing. I'm pretty stumped, by this to say the least.