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  1. So what is the good alternative to Aperture? I just needed to look at at a bunch of my photos from the 2014 NYFF of Abel Ferrara and Willem Defoe in Lightroom as a test back then (all my other NYFF photos are in Aperture). Simply quickly flying through 400+ photos to flag the good ones is painfully slow in Lightroom - by contrast you really do fly Aperture. (My Mac is the fastest possible 2018 MacBookPro with an amazingly fast SSD - this is strictly the contrast between Aperture and Lightroom). And this is why "people are somehow unhappy" about Aperture going away.
  2. I am *still* using Aperture, and Apple has announced that they will kill it altogether with with the coming 2019 macOS upgrade. I am desperate for an equivalent to Aperture DAM - is there any chance that Affinity Photos will become or have a DAM by the end of this year, or am I forced to transfer my several TBs of Aperture libraries to Lightroom? I have been trying to switch to Lightroom for several years now, get very frustrated and go back to Aperture, unfixed bugs and all. Affinity at least started out as a native Mac app, and has a similar to Aperture purchase up front structure.

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