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  1. I do have an anti-reflection screen protector and it works without any issues. Using mostly the pencil, but for things like resizing I also use my finders. Again, no trouble...
  2. Okay, I created a custom sticker in Affinity Designer (in CMYK). All looks good. But first of all I would love to see the single color layers and check them. Second I would need to create a custom color which goes onto a separate color layer which is then used to cut out the sticker, I know how to do this in Photoshop and could easily export and do the final steps there. But I think this should be a kind of common problem and I‘m sure Affinity Designer has this option. It’s just hidden somewhere. Don’t worry about the color to be used for cutting, it would be the same steps if you want to use an additional custom color (like gold) in offset printing. So how do I do this? How can I see the single color layers? How do I create a custom color? I already spent some time, but could not find any solutions... Thanks, Carsten
  3. Well, I did this, but it still doesn’t behave as it should - using finders for scale and tab works fine. Guess I just get used to it....but it still feels pretty strange...
  4. Hi guys, just a question if it's just me or if I'm doing something wrong: When I want to scale an object proportional on the iPad I put down one finger and then use the other finger to scale the object. That works fine. However, if I hold down one finger and then try to scale the object with the Apple Pencil, this gives me chunky results. Sometimes it scales, but not proportional, sometimes it moves instead of scaling the object. So am I doing something wrong? Are there any settings I need to adjust? Unfortunately there are not much tutorials on how to use Affinity Designer with the Apple Pencil. Thanks, Carsten
  5. Hi...I'm pretty new to Affinity Designer. I want to create a personal sticker which uses an outline like the attached image. I know I can use brush strokes for the outline and that would probably be the way to go. Simply draw the image and then add the right brush for the outline. However, I have a hard time finding the right brush. Any ideas where to find something similar? No problem if this costs some bucks. I was about purchasing the "Chunky Markers Brush Pack", but not sure if this will give me the result and I don't want to spend money on something that didn't give me a similar result. Any ideas...? Thanks...Carsten
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