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  1. I'm still seeing this issue in, hopefully it can be fixed soon.
  2. I no longer have PagePlus after having to reformat my PC, and don't have the serial for it, so I can't just download it again (it was quite an old version). If the work to create a 'proper' PagePlus to Affinity converter is too great, would it not be possible to create a very simple converter that is a basically a wrapper round a copy of PagePlus that exports to PDF and a copy of Affinity that imports the PDF and then saves as afpub?
  3. Please find attached page.afpub - this was created in an earlier version of publisher beta that imported the PDF okay, you can see all the icons show up okay. The second attachment is the PDF I am trying to import where the icons don't show up. There's a new version of Publisher since my original post, but I am still seeing the same issue. Although the PDF I've attached is a different version to the one that imported okay in the old Publisher, I've also tried importing the old PDF in the current version and get the same result with the icons not displaying. So it seems to be Publisher specific rather than down to the PDF. page.afpub circuit-plan-2019-06-08.pdf
  4. This may be a bug, or it might be something odd about the particular document I'm trying to open. I have a PDF file, and when I open it all the symbols show as two squares. But with a different document, which contains the same symbols (it is actually a symbol font), they show up fine. I can't see why one displays and the other doesn't? If I copy the two squares into the 'Find' box, it displays the fish symbol, not the squares. However, the find doesn't work (I was hoping I could do a find and replace on the broken symbols). If I copy the fish symbol from the working document to the broken one, it displays as a fish, not the boxes. If I copy the boxes from the broken document to the working one, it displays as boxes, not a fish. This is with version and I had the same problem with the previous version I was using.