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  1. By mistake I had "linked" selected in a document. So Affinity wanted to establish the linking to a document that was on a turned-off external hard drive. I did that, and switched the document setup to "embedded" - I know there's a bug where even when "linked" is chosen, all documents are embedded (which I can see in the file size) After establishing the link, I turned off the external hard drive and opened the document again. And again Affinity is asking me for "linked" documents, even though the setup has been switched to "embedded" and all the documents are actually embedded. I have to send out this document, so I need embedded. What does this not work? Do I have to do the whole document (20 pages) again from scratch? thanks for tips to resolve this problem!
  2. I'm trying to create a black background for a portion of a page. So I draw a rectangle, color it black. It covers everything, because it's on top of the layer stack. So I want to put it on the bottom so it is the background. But I can't do that. Whenever I drag it to the bottom, it attached itself to one of the four "W" letters, and colors only this letter black, creating a cut-out or clipping mask. (see screenshot) I cannot find any controls to release the clipping mask. I want the rectangle to sit on the bottom of the layer stack and just being black without affecting the letters. thanks for your help!
  3. Yes, I got really careful about always selecting the move tool - sometimes the keyboard shortcut "v" is unresponsive and I have to click the symbol. For now I have sworn off picture frames - as I discovered the picture placement tool (not working in .293 and spreading images all over the page) is working. Sooo much easier. Another strange thing about the picture frame tool is that not all controls are available in the toolbar. I could never access the "presets" mentioned in the help documentation as it simply wasn't there.
  4. The picture placement tool - which didn't work in .293 (always filled document to the edge with it) - now started working in .305 So I'm relieved of picture frames, Walt. Much easier this way and I can move them around and grow and shrink them. Hooray!
  5. Thanks. I was not able to move a frame with the image. I can move the frame on the master page, but there is of course no image in it, as the image was loaded onto the specific page. On the specific page I cannot move the frame as it is locked on the master page. So I don't see how I could move a frame with a picture inside it. I also cannot find most of the picture frame controls - I have screenshot the manual. I only have the controls until "stroke properties". But "Presets" are not there. Sometimes I have more controls there, sometimes less. But never "presets"
  6. EDIT: I just saw the image placement tool - which didn't work in v.293 started working in .305 I can now put images into the document without using picture frames.
  7. Am I supposed to load pictures onto the master page? That's the only way where I get some control and can move the images. When I load the images into a picture frame on a page, I have no control. I cannot move them, cannot adjust them, cannot remove them (only load new images on top of them) The moment images are loaded into a frame they are locked. Is this a but, or is it a feature? How do I use this feature? I cleanly cut the head off a lady just now, and can't get it sawn back on. So, as a gentleman, I'm in trouble, and roses won't help for the indecent treatment of the lady...
  8. Ouch, this wasn't a solution. Because changing the stroke meant that the picture frames are now in the real design in this awful blue color. And I don't seem to be able to get rid of them. I turned their opacity down to 0% - but they stay, blue and ugly and ruining my design. How can I show outlines JUST for the design phase but have NO frames in the actual design? This is a real problem: that the outlines of the picture frames blend in with a neutral gray background. As of now, I have to turn the stroke to a visible color and then, when all is set, turn the opacity of the stroke to zero, one frame after the other - which is quite awkward.
  9. I shouldn't have made fun of it... Just five minutes later: crash of Publisher v .305 when trying to paste text into a text frame. That thing learns fast! Edit: and a while later, the paste process worked without problems... which proves my case that Affinity Publisher is listening in, and if you make a bad joke (which it considers a bad joke, then you are it, and it will crash you )
  10. I had been selecting text frames via move tool and pasting text without problem. Then.... suddenly..... when selecting move tool via keyboard shortcut "v" ..... the moment I touched the letter "v" .... 110V high electricity raced through my body... just kidding...... but Publisher crashed... on High Sierra... no crashes (knock on wood) when pasting text without formatting command + option + Shift + V from text edit (couldn't copy/paste from Scrivener, got strange white backgrounds behind the letters)
  11. Thank you, I was in the pages section. Still getting used to the masters / pages concept. I had found that link/detach buttons a couple of days ago - for the moment I'm hunting it as a ghost... but I have to speed up as I promised my rep a first draft of the client eMag.
  12. Thank you, Walt, and thank you, Hawk - both methods are great! And already integrated into my personal Affinity Publisher manual as a new piece of treasure! I feel I'm starting to get a hang of the software...
  13. Thanks, Walt! Is it possible to turn off this last color used feature? So I can have one color for regular rectangles, one color for text boxes, and one color for image frames.
  14. I appreciate seeing the lines of the rectangles and text boxes when designing the shape language of the page. But once I have content on it, I'd like to turn everything off that isn't part of the page - namely the blue marker lines of the text boxes - just as you can turn on and off a grid via CMD + ' How can you turn off those blue markers of boxes? thanks!
  15. I don't have a master page entry in general, only the single entries (I compared to the help document - it should be there, but it isn't) None of my master pages has a master page layer, only each shape I added shows as a step. I'm attaching a screenshot of the layers panel.
  16. Yes, Walt, it was just blending in. The problem is that rectangles and picture frames are linked via stroke color. When I changed the stroke color for picture frames to red, the rectangles also changed to red, and the documents got a red frame - which didn't work out. Here's something Serif needs to do: to let rectangles and picture frames have different stroke color - so you can take them apart. And I'd like rectangles blend in more and picture frames stand out more.
  17. I just started with the software and couldn't find this link/detach master page button - I saw it somewhere. And somehow the picture frame disappeared and the image was still there and locked. So I deleted both the master page and the page and set it up again.
  18. Thank you, that was it. It was hiding in plane sight by perfectly blending in. SOLUTION FOUND: I was able to make the picture fame visible by changing the stroke color to red - I'll choose a different color, but for now it can't be visible enough (picture frame tool context menu) I also increased the width to the stroke (the 0.2 pt was a challenge anyway) EDIT: Here's one thing Serif should change: Rectangles via rectangle tool and picture frames have the same stroke color. But you should be able to select different stroke colors for each of them. - so you can take them apart. And I'd like rectangles blend in more and picture frames stand out more. Because if you like to change the background of a page with the rectangle tool you want the box to blend in - you don't want a frame around the whole document. Too distracting.
  19. Thank you. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, even if I drag the frame to the bottom, any picture frame place ABOVE it still hides below that frame with the new background color. I have to click in the area where it is in order to see it. Could it be a bug? Or is there anything I could have done wrong? Layers are straightforward, what's below cannot cover up something above. Except in this case it covers up the picture frames.
  20. I have selected the page, and use the move tool to select the image. But - as you say - it selects the frame, and not the image. What tool do I have to use to select the image inside the frame so I can remove it? I have done this before - and I could easily remove the image. I simply cannot select the image within the frame.
  21. I did that. It doesn't help. The gray background is hiding the picture frames. (please see document in previous post)
  22. Thanks, but when I do that, the picture frames are again hidden. I drew in on. It only shows when I click directly on top of it. screen shot frame.tif
  23. I tried to remove an image from a page, but I couldn't I get the note in the bottom line, that the selection is locked, and I have to unlock it. The help doesn't show anything under "unlock", nor under "lock" I never willingly locked anything - how did it get locked and how can I unlock it? thanks!
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