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  1. Thank you, that was it. It was hiding in plane sight by perfectly blending in. SOLUTION FOUND: I was able to make the picture fame visible by changing the stroke color to red - I'll choose a different color, but for now it can't be visible enough (picture frame tool context menu) I also increased the width to the stroke (the 0.2 pt was a challenge anyway) EDIT: Here's one thing Serif should change: Rectangles via rectangle tool and picture frames have the same stroke color. But you should be able to select different stroke colors for each of them. - so you can take them apart. And I'd like rectangles blend in more and picture frames stand out more. Because if you like to change the background of a page with the rectangle tool you want the box to blend in - you don't want a frame around the whole document. Too distracting.
  2. Thank you. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, even if I drag the frame to the bottom, any picture frame place ABOVE it still hides below that frame with the new background color. I have to click in the area where it is in order to see it. Could it be a bug? Or is there anything I could have done wrong? Layers are straightforward, what's below cannot cover up something above. Except in this case it covers up the picture frames.
  3. I have selected the page, and use the move tool to select the image. But - as you say - it selects the frame, and not the image. What tool do I have to use to select the image inside the frame so I can remove it? I have done this before - and I could easily remove the image. I simply cannot select the image within the frame.
  4. I did that. It doesn't help. The gray background is hiding the picture frames. (please see document in previous post)
  5. Thanks, but when I do that, the picture frames are again hidden. I drew in on. It only shows when I click directly on top of it. screen shot frame.tif
  6. I tried to remove an image from a page, but I couldn't I get the note in the bottom line, that the selection is locked, and I have to unlock it. The help doesn't show anything under "unlock", nor under "lock" I never willingly locked anything - how did it get locked and how can I unlock it? thanks!
  7. In the master page tutorial https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286534891 the presenter changes the color of the background by putting a rectangle around it and then changing the color. I did that - but this causes picture frames to sink behind this rectangle and become invisible (if you do not precisely click on them) Is there a better way to change a page color? In Photoshop I'd select all and do a fill. The help doesn't show any entries for "fill" so there may not be such a command. What's the best way to do this?
  8. I found the problem. I have selected the master page with a rectangle tool as the presenter demonstrated here: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286534891 So, basically, I'm drawing a picture frame within a rectangle made by the rectangle tool. This hides all the picture frames. As soon as I deleted the rectangle, all the picture frame rectangle reappeared. They had been hidden behind the selection of the page. Is there a better way to change the color of a page than using the rectangle tool? Doing this like the presenter did, hides all the picture frames when not clicking on them.
  9. What if you copied the file of the existing book, and deleted the text in the pages - and so using the exact same master pages as in the other project without dragging master pages across? Would this work?
  10. Thank you. So a better way would probably be to save versions as different documents? At least at this stage of a 3-page eMagazine the file sizes are small. I like to explore ideas without holding back and want to be free to remove anything without later missing it.
  11. How would you do these snapshot style actions? Or is there a better way to quickly compare design variants?
  12. I am using picture frames to place images as somehow the place image tool doesn't work for me without picture frames. On a master page, I can see the text frames and all form elements so I can see the shapes of the elements. Except the picture frame. I have to click into it to show its outline. Is there a way to make the picture frame appear like the text box outlines and the other shape elements so I can better judge the appearance of the form elements? thanks!
  13. One of the key features in Photoshop is a history snapshot, so you can quickly compare versions. I found the history panel on Publisher, but couldn't find the "take snapshot" button. Where can I find that and how do I turn it on? thanks!
  14. I was able to insert a picture by using the picture frame. What I couldn't do is - due to the lack of a manual - rotate or scale the image. The "help" section tells me to drag over the rotate icon - where is the rotate icon and what does it look like?
  15. Thanks, Walt. I just started with this kind of software, so I wasn't familiar with picture frames. I will look them up how to do them and then give it a try.
  16. A jpg file. High Sierra and the latest There is a thread on the bug forum: many people have crashes when using the place image tool. I don't get a crash, but the tool is not working for me, either. Is there a way to downgrade to a previous version? Screen recording : I have to check how to do that.
  17. I tried it out with large and small image files. I'm not getting the special cursor. The image is stretched to fill the whole page and cannot be changed after that. Even a tiny 500 x 500 px file gets stretched over the whole page. There isn't much I can do. Click the "place image tool" symbol, get the open file dialog, click on the file you want to insert, click OK, and then get no special cursor.
  18. This is the tutorial: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286538332 In the tutorial, the presenter clicks on the "place image tool" symbol, the window opens, he chooses the image, and then he has a special cursor shape, and he can draw a rectangle. This doesn't work in my case. When I click on the image, it immediately is placed onto the whole page, filling it. I do not get the option of drawing a rectangle, the cursor doesn't change. I can't place an image - the tool, for some reason, doesn't work.
  19. In the video, you click the "select image" too, choose the file to place, then click OK. Then you click on a location in the file, and the image places small, and it has handles where you can choose what size you want. Not in my app. The moment I click OK after selecting the image, the image lands on the page - covering it all, even though the image dimensions are smaller than the page. There are no handles, nothing I can do to get the image where I want it at the size I want it. Is the tutorial outdated, or why doesn't it work?
  20. Where can I get such a pdf of the help documents? Do you know a user who has one?
  21. How do I create a pdf? My only options were print/cmyk, devices, and photo, and I picked photo.
  22. Yes, one has to respect one's client's inboxes. What about attaching jpeg of the cover page, so the email doesn't look like a boring text soup. A kind of preview.
  23. Yes, I meant a pdf - that a client or potential client can access via a link. I'm not trying to build a website. I just want to create a readable design where I can publish articles and images and maybe the link to a podcast or a film I made.
  24. Thanks for the input! Glad I asked. Naively, one can create hate natively without even knowing. Nobody wants to annoy others!
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