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  1. I will do as soon as I can reproduce the error because today everything works fine no matter how hard I try.
  2. No corporate envirement, just me, my Mac Mini and the attached disk. There is no other user altering the file. The errors happen without the Mac going to sleep. The error also appears when the Publisher file is on the internal disk but my project (photos and illustrations) would fill up my startup disk so those are always linked from the external disk. My problem seems to be similar to this What we have in common is that I also copy and pasted entire spreads from an older document to a new one.
  3. Well Time Machine is doing its thing every now and then in the background but I assume thats the standard on almost every Mac and should not cause any issue. I somehow get the impression that you are not able to reproduce the odd behaviour I'm experiencing.
  4. Publisher 1.8.1 Mac Mini (2018) with OS X 10.14.6. The files are on an external Thunderbolt disk. I mean I can use "Save As" and continue working on the copy but when I do I'm asking for trouble because sooner or later I will be seeing this: At this moment it is best to push "Replace" and then close Publisher completely to minimize the danger of a corrupted file. Is it just me or can anyone confirm this? No other software I know of ever shows such a strange behaviour. Edit: I should also mention that my impression is that these problems start or get worse a
  5. In Publisher 1.8.1 the error is still there but it is handled better. Choosing Replace rescues the file. The very first time I saw this I chose Save As. The copy was fine while the original file got scrambled. I'm still puzzled what causes a change of the original file while I'm working in Publisher. I do nothing to the file just hit cmd-s every now and then. No other software I know of ever shows such a strange behaviour. I'm on a Mac Mini (2018) with OS X 10.14.6. The files are on an external Thunderbolt disk.
  6. The local SSD disk had and still has 60 GB of free space. My linked photos/illustrations are unfortunately more than that. Maybe the problem has to do with the external (spinning) disk "sleeping". I remember that I worked in another program for some time and then returned to Publisher and tried to save the document. Maybe Publisher doesn't wait long enough till an external disk is ready, throws such an error and corrupts the file.
  7. Hi, this is the third time that one of my Publisher documents gets corrupted while saving. This happened to me twice a few month ago when I opened a document from an external Thunderbolt disk and saved it back to the external Thunderbolt disk. I moved the document to my computer and didn't see this error again until today. The linked photos and illustrations are still on the external disk because they would not fit on my computers hard drive. I pressed cmd-s to save and I saw the first error window pop up. After pushing OK Affinity hangs with "saving". After a force quit and tr
  8. Thanks a lot firstdefence, I'll take a look at PDFPenPro and MasterPDFEditor.
  9. Thank you firstdefence. I see the problem in step 5: Will Preview leave the PDF/X-1a compatibility that my printer requires untouched? I doubt that and I'm afraid there will be problems with my printer.
  10. Hi mac_heibu, thank you for your answer. As long as I'm not confident that Affinity Publisher can reliable handle 300+ pages with lots of photos and illustrations on each page I prefer to split documents into extra files. Joining .afpub files into a final version just for output looks like a safe way for me. Of course all my files have identical settings but should they differ as you mention I would expect that the first document determines the settings for all subsequent imports. So landscape pages may be truncated and colors get converted ... Joining PDFs sounds good but I hav
  11. Hi, I want to append all pages of a publisher file on my harddisk to a file that is already open in Affinity Publisher. I looked for an import function but there is none. Can this be done without copying and pasting lots of pages?
  12. Thank you for the answers! I'll look into the decoration option. You are correct. I don't know what I did wrong but now it also works for me.
  13. I cannot figure out how to include the text frame fill color in a paragraph style. I am also not able to save the text frame fill color in a style. The style only includes the white text color. Thanks for any help. - Martin
  14. Yes, beeing able to divide a book into separate chapter files is a must for me and should be in the first release. I'm always cautious and don't want to put all my eggs into one basket. Like in InDesign the book feature should allow to combine all chapter files into one PDF.
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