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  1. Then I clicked "sign into this account" and it again did not work. PS: system created new post instead of - as I chose - edit the old one.
  2. Tried to create a new account. But when I entered my email, I got the message that there is already an account with this username - see screenshot.
  3. Ah, then I have to create a second account then - just for the store. I'll do that and report back.
  4. No error message. After clicking sign in I get the "signing in", it gets interrupted, then if falls back to the sign-in screen.
  5. I was trying to get Publisher with the link provided, but the store didn't recognize my correct password and I couldn't buy the software. Why is this not working? I need to do work on the next issue of my magazine, but the beta doesn't open either. So I'm stranded without software.
  6. The pdf shows as 5x7 inch - not shrunk, in Adobe Reader. The Get Info tool on the mac cannot read pdf dimensions properly and shows nonsense. thank you!
  7. I don't think it is the dimension of the icon. But there's one thing: when I Command + I with a jpeg, it says "dimension" But in case of the pdf is says "resolution" - which doesn't make any sense because resolution is dots per inch or per centimeter and not something 360x504 Looks like the Get Image Info command doesn't work for pdf.
  8. Actually, I exported it for print, as the export for the web is of such low quality it is pixelated and unusable.
  9. When I click on the icon and do the keyboard combination COMMAND + I is shows as resolution 509 pixels of height - please see attached screenshot.
  10. I'd like to be able to embed: 1. A video 2. A podcast (we can embed active links now, can we?)
  11. The Magazine I created on Publisher for the Mac has page dimensions 2100 pixels high x 1500 pixels wide. But when I export it, it shrinks to tiny 500 pixels high. I tried several ways, but I can't get it out in the original size. Why does Publisher shrink my magazine to stamp dimensions?
  12. The beta tester price is 35$. I guess the first published version will be 1.8 The 1.x versions were the beta, it would look nice to have the launch version start as 2.0
  13. There is one person who aggressively attacks when he feels like it. The block/ignore function is very helpful to phase out such negativity. I blocked one such person on my first day here, and didn't have to do it a second time luckily, and it is a blessed feature. What the forum could use is a discussion of future features or re-organization of current features. One example would be that you cannot embed video or sound like in Adobe In-Design. I think Publisher allows now for active links to be included. I still hope for a better manual, as the current one is only good if you precisely know what you are looking for. I would like a manual that is process oriented: I want to do this, and what tools would I have to my disposition. This would avoid a lot of basic questions that one has to ask in the forum without such an accessible, practically oriented source of information. This is particularly useful if you come from other software like Photoshop and are used doing things a certain way, and now this doesn't work, because this is a completely different kind of software.
  14. It regularly happens that an image is too large or needs stands too far into the bleed. It distorts the design as what's in the bleed is usually not part of the final design, but the emergency buffer. So I'd like to hide the bleed. How can I do that - so I can see the design as it's going to look printed?
  15. On the right side, in one of the tabs (it should be right on top) choose the "color" tab. The find the symbol of the rectangle tool among the tool symbols on the left. It is blue (don't use the picture frame rectangle too, which is gray and has a cross in it). You can also access it with the keyboard shortcut "M". Draw a rectangle over the whole page. It will show the color you selected. Change the color of the page by changing it in the color tab.
  16. Thank you, ivbera! I never had margins selected, and with my update it had done this without asking.
  17. I passed on one update as I was finishing a project and the old version worked well for the magazine design. Now, after completion, I wanted to upgrade, and the beta was expired, so I downloaded it all again. With the new copy of the beta, when I create a new document, I get this purple frame that I never had before - what is this, and how can I get rid of it?
  18. Thank you, Garrett. I found the fields panel by activating it in "Studio"
  19. A good article, Mike. We really expect the pdf to leave our documents as we created them - with all the bad pdf Readers out there... At this time, I keep it to text and images. Anything more is a risk. (I couldn't even change the title of the pdf, and my final draft reads "Attempt 7" on screen. Without Adobe Acrobat (I have the useless Pdf Expert) you can't do a thing about it)
  20. When I export the document as a PDF there is no box where I can put in the title (NOT the file name) that appears in the browser window. But when I upload a document it has a title - not one that I chose. It is the first filename that I gave the document. How can I change the title upon export?
  21. I'm creating a magazine that will be either published as pdf or a flipbook vis Issuu. Can you actually embed video on a page, so when the reader opens the pdf he can stream the video onto the page? What about a podcast player? Thanks!
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