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  1. Thanks all for the feedback and comments. Apparently I posted too many yesterday and was locked out... It's a dilemma between the evil monopoly and learning new software. At this age I don't know which is worse or better... I've used Lightroom a long time, don't use Photoshop but I think Affinity is more like Photoshop. Lightroom is strictly for photography, you can't actually manipulate a photo's composition, just the exposure. It has a workflow like photo processing. Overall, I think Affinity looks good but has a few bugs and a learning curve.
  2. @Brad Brighton that's what I found but only if I cancel out of editing my RAW file which closes it. I don't see how you edit RAW files with this app. But I guess that's finding a video on how you get started with this thing. Thanks for the help.
  3. OK aside from the help that doesn't help... For whatever reason you open a RAW file and end up in Develop mode which is limited for some reason. But that is where you do everything in Lightroom. I read a lot of comparisons, not sure how this is really an alternative, basically starting over.
  4. That's the description I have found but where do I find it in the app? What is the menu? Command? Icon? that you select? I don't see Adjustments as a top level menu or icon.
  5. I think throwing in the online help has detoured the conversation. Originally, from the app I used the Help menu, typed in Soft Proof and then got the blank page shown below. I also tried the Affinity Photo Help from the menu but just got a single line explaining what Soft Proof Adjustments are. But still nothing has shown me where you access Soft Proof. Even if I cancel out of Develop mode (which is where Soft Proof should be) I still can't find Soft Proof but the photo is gone as well so what would be the point. I'm coming from years of using Lightroom. This is obviously different which is why I was relying on help...
  6. I don't know why there is an argument about this. How to get to Soft Proof was what I was looking for to compare it to Lightroom. Yet after several hours I have no idea how you get to it nor what happened to help directly from the app. It should not be this difficult. After clicking both links from RC-R and Lee D this is what I get which should be correct.
  7. Yes that is what I had tried first the help via the help menu. When I clicked on Soft Proof I got a blank page. I still don't know where you find it or turn it on...
  9. I am using the latest OS for Mac. I clicked on the help link you provided above and then typed in Soft Proof and the attached image is what I get. You apparently don't even create your own help app unless you have ownership in the first three companies being promoted. As far as the password... what I was explaining was the page to create my login the message kept saying they don't match but it accepted it anyway. But I think I've tested it enough to know this is not an alternative for Lightroom, unfortunately.
  10. My understanding is that the trial version is the actual software but limited time. Is it not? When I try to quit it says you must commit or cancel development mode (which I have no idea how it even started there or why). I click Cancel, and it tells me I will loose all of my edits. Ok fine. But when I try to quite the app I still get the same messages. I'm in a loop, or was. I had to use Macs Force quite to get out of it. Not looking good. I guess I've used Lightroom too long to try to save a buck or two.
  11. I just downloaded the trial version and in 5 minutes already having issues including passwords don't match for this forum yet they do... Does help work? I wanted to check how you do Soft proofing but a blank page comes up after clicking the help topic.

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