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  1. Solved lets say this post is history...I was enough to allign them as they.were..Iv checked the whole document using grid and snaping function. Thanx guys
  2. Ill try to explain like this ..I have resume which is in psd file format and all of the text is pixel layered, so for example name, surname and the addres is in one pixel layer, now I can align name and surname as one object and I cant align them separetly..the same issue I have with the addres..cos its a part of name and surname layer...they can be aligned all together but not separetly..I need to aligne addres alone..if anyone knows how I can do this please post. I need instructions urgently. Thanx for your patience. Best regards
  3. Thanx Callum I know that but that alligns text regarding whole document...what about certain area of the document/text which is in pixel layer? Thanx
  4. Hi there guys newby here with probably anoying question. Well I cant seem to find the answer. Im working on a resume which is all designed in pixel layers..now I cant seem to find the way to aligning the text and center the paragraphs ect. . Can you give me simple instructions please? Thanx a bunch.