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  1. Further update on this subject. I tried to select pages by opening them from the pages menu rather than scrolling - same problem Glenn
  2. A Publisher document that I have been working on for some time now has suddenly decided to crash (close actually) for no apparent reason whilst simply scrolling through the document. This does not happened with any other publication I have created. This morning as I began this report, a new Beta version became available ( which I uploaded and installed. I opened this document with the new version and just scrolled down the pages, nothing more, and sure enough it crashed also. I have previously opened this publication by itself (nothing else running on my PC) to see if other programs may have been affecting it, but it still crashed. It has done this numerous times. On re-starting the application if there were unsaved edits, the document recovery message appears allowing me to save again to lock in those edits. However the application crashed when I scrolled down a couple of pages. The only thing different about this publication to others that I have created is that this one uses blank picture frames as place-holders for images I have yet to acquire. I'm not sure that this has anything to do with the problem, its just an observation. Other documents continue to work just fine. I am using an Acer Aspire 5471 laptop running Windows 7 version 6.01 (Build 701 Service Pack 1). I have enclosed a copy of the document for review. WASS History Booklet.afpub
  3. Walt, Thanks for your response. Someone else pointed out the View > Show Text Flow option for me which I hadn't realised needed to be selected. In my case it didn't help that the overflowing text was actually on a Master Page that I had altered for this document only.
  4. When Publisher for Desktop warns of a text overflow during an export, is it possible for the software to identify which box(s) is causing the error?
  5. Walt, Thanks for that, yes it should be in Publisher Beta. My apologies. I will re-post in the correct forum. PS. I found the offending text overflow on the Master Page and corrected it. I hadn't thought to look there earlier and I'd forgotten that I had added another text box to my normal master page.
  6. When exporting to pdf, I receive a warning that one or more text frames have overflowing text. That is good except that I cannot find any text frames with overflowing text. Is it possible for Designer to identify the frame(s) concerned?
  7. Thanks, but that is not quite what I had in mind. Serif's Page Plus had a Calendar function under the Table tool where you could create a one-month calendar. You just selected the year, month and a suitable format and it created a single month calendar. No problem, I still have Page Plus so I will use that for now.
  8. Are there plans to include a Calendar tool In Affinity Publisher similar to the one in Page Plus?