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  1. I closed it out and opened it again and they were all there. Strange not the first time
  2. Thank you for helping me obtain DrawPlus8. I just installed it but noticed that all the fonts I have in Page Plus are not in Draw Plus. How do I import my fonts into Draw Plus?
  3. You're right when I think back. It probably was the 90's but I still can see that black diskette. I got my first computer late 80's and it was only 250 mgs! I would like to obtain the last DrawPlus
  4. I have been using PagPlus since I got a black hard floppy disk in the mail, I think in the 80's. I have bought all the programs including MoviePlus, Draw, Photo, etc. I love PagPlus 9. I have looked at Publisher but I am very leary about getting since I am so used to what I use. I truly can't come up with a reason(for me) to get Publisher unless I was going to constantly produce publications. I got rid Of the last DrawPlus and regret it. Need to find it again. Other than that PagePlus 9 is GOLD!!!!
  5. Hi! I have been using Serif since the early 80's when I got this black floppy disk in the mail. I have been using it ever since. I love the PagePlus program. I have been on this site for some time and still use PagePlus 9 all the time. Just wondering if there will ever be an upgrade?\
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