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  1. Sure enough, this problem was caused by the Windows Clipboard History function. And Windows 1809 bring this specific feature. After I disable it in windows setting, I can copy and cut without crashing.
  2. Thank you for reproducing this problem and recording it.
  3. I test it on my surface pro5 and desktop. They are all windows 10 1809 17763.437. They have this same issue. Maybe it has to do with the system version.
  4. 1. Create something like a shape or a pixel layer, 2. Add Perspective Live Filter on it (Not the Perspective-Tool) 3. Copy or cut this shape or layer with Perspective Live Filter or you can just pick the uploaded file, copy or cut the layer inside it.
  5. Copy or cut anything with Perspective - Live Filter crash affinity photo also untitled2.afphoto
  6. Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta - Created shapes have no fill color(simply white color). It behave a litte different compare to publisher and designer. untitled.afphoto