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    Fuji XT3 RAW Crash

    Hello, I am new to Affinity Photo on the IPad, but i am very satisfied with the functionality. I Have one Problem. When I try to load an Raw Image from my Fujifilm XT3 Affinity Photo says Loading and then crashes. Apples Raw Converter should work with uncompressed RAF Files. Is there a solution for this Problem? My IPad is a Pro 10.5 with IOS 12 Thanks Tom
  2. TomBis296

    Fuji XT3 RAW Crash

    Hey Are there new informations for the problem? greetz
  3. TomBis296

    Fuji XT3 RAW Crash

    Wow, thanks for the fast reaction ! Keep on going guys, i think you have made one of the best photo softwares out there ! :) I hope there will be a fix soon :)