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  1. TomBis296

    Fuji XT3 RAW Crash

    Hey Are there new informations for the problem? greetz
  2. TomBis296

    Fuji XT3 RAW Crash

    Wow, thanks for the fast reaction ! Keep on going guys, i think you have made one of the best photo softwares out there ! :) I hope there will be a fix soon :)
  3. TomBis296

    Fuji XT3 RAW Crash

    Hello, I am new to Affinity Photo on the IPad, but i am very satisfied with the functionality. I Have one Problem. When I try to load an Raw Image from my Fujifilm XT3 Affinity Photo says Loading and then crashes. Apples Raw Converter should work with uncompressed RAF Files. Is there a solution for this Problem? My IPad is a Pro 10.5 with IOS 12 Thanks Tom