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  1. Thanks @carl123 for giving me some topics! Reseting Affinity settings helped.



    Could you please try resetting your app back to default settings? You can do this by holding down the CTRL key while launching the app. When the Clear User Data window appears, click Select All and then Clear. The app will now open.

    Be aware that resetting your app back to its default settings will lose any custom settings such as keyboard shortcuts and brushes etc. To backup such settings before resetting the app, please watch our Affinity - Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts video. https://player.vimeo.com/video/189596577/




  2. Hi! I have some issue with Affinity Photo when editing RAWs and was trying to open RAWs in every possible way to edit it, but it no matters how I load files it'll be like this – Opening file -> Editing in Develop Persona -> Clicking "Develop" -> Waiting for finishing develop process in Photo Persona -> Weird and not accurate look of my edited photo. I have this problem since updated to 1.7.3, but after that I had uninstalled AfPh and then downloaded 1.7.2, but it does not help. Please watch video until end, because I'm waiting there for finishing of Developing process, but the dialog window is not visible. Thanks!


  3. @AffinityJules can you please show me step by step how you achieved this? I've tried to use Patch Tool without selecting glasses frame, but it gave me same effect as you can see on my first post. Sorry, I do not have too much experience in Affinity Photo.

    13 hours ago, AffinityJules said:

    It is possible with a bit of patience and know how.

    This is a crude attempt and was taken as a screen capture from your video - so the resolution isn't that great. As a rule. the better the resolution, the better the outcome.

    This took me about 5 minutes to do, but if it was a serious project of mine then I would have took much longer to produce a better result; this is just to show that it can be done.



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