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  1. Oh! That's even more useful. I have VLC already - will do that. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.
  2. Thanks again, Ian. Yes, it seems a shame that one can't select an 'ideal' image outside the camera, where the image quality is inevitably clearer. I'm not suggesting that Affinity should be able to handle this, but another third-party application would be useful. In any case, thank you again for your helpfulness, and I hope you enjoy your new camera! Roger
  3. Thanks very much, Ian. It's a Lumix TZ100. You're right about the selection of images in the camera, but I was wondering if it was possible to do it outside instead. If not, I'll have to return to doing that. I appreciate your responding so swiftly. Roger
  4. Dear All, My Lumix camera has a '4K' function which I use occasionally. It's good for 'burst' shooting, for example when capturing images of an animal in motion. The camera exports these bursts as mpeg files. Is there a way I can select a particular jpeg from these collections of images and import this single image into Affinity Photo? Your advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. Roger
  5. Dear Tony, I'm a new user of Affinity Photo, having used Photoshop for some time. I'm very impressed. Thank you to you and all your team for the software, and for the clear and helpful tutorials. I have a specific question today, and am not sure I'm posting in the right place, so please let me know if I need to go elsewhere for this ... I have taken two separate photos, one featuring a person and the other not, which a web designer wants to use to animate (making the figure appear/disappear). I locked the shots, but clearly not well enough because they don't register properly. Is there a way I can lay one over the other, move them to register the images and then crop both accordingly? Your help, or that of a colleague, would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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