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  1. How do you add two pages so I can have two or more pages display and work from one page to the other? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your help guys. Sorry for the late response. I will give this a go and hopefully get it right.
  3. Ok, One other thing you could help me with please. How do you crop just a selection rather than the whole page? For example, I place an image within a picture. I want to crop it, but if I click crop, it selects the whole page. I can resize it to fit the image but if I hit crop then I lose the whole picture and just left with the image.
  4. Thanks, Alex. I started again and followed your instructions and it worked. I think That's where I was going wrong.
  5. Thanks for the reply Alex I did that but still the same. I found a long way round of doing it. Which was to click refine and then select new layer with mask but I just thought copy and paste should be easier.
  6. Just need some help. Using the selection brush tool I make part of a selection of an image that I want to copy and then paste so I can place it within the image but every time I paste I get the whole image and not the part I've selected. For example, if I have an image of a leg and shoe and I select just the shoe using the selection brush tool. If I copy and paste I still get the whole leg and not just the shoe. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks