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  1. I wish you could share how you fixed this. I am using the pencil tool. I set the stroke to the way I need it but after I draw a new line it takes on the “New” setting of the new stroke. I wish I could manage the stroke consistency as I draw. Just a check box or something to lock in stroke curves.
  2. Gentlemen, Thank you so much for your responses. I spent a good hour research how to do this on my home windows machine yesterday morning. At work I have a Cintiq ran on a Mac but at home I have the Wacom Companion 2 running Windows 10. Like I said I only use Photoshop for Illustration so I need a Dedicated Operating system for running it and the Companion 2 does just that. It is unfortunate for the time being it isn't on Windows but I understand One can only satisfy every possible scenario at any given time, so it is by no means an Affinity deal killer. I am so excited for Affinity and wish them the best of success. I used to use Maya for 3D but since Blender has become more robust I just through all my time towards making the switch. Blender has developed such a great community of users as well as independent developers that make tools and add-ons. I have spent over $300 dollars on a multitude of add-ons but I prefer this business model to Adobe's and Autodesk which has such a heavy price tag that it is hard for the average individual to get into the market without making other sacrifices. Hence how I found Affinity. I have a wife and three kids each with a computer and there is no way I can afford a license for each. I don't mind paying for future versions or add-ons or plugins tailored to my specific pipeline needs. Sorry for the soap box but thanks for the response! Tick!
  3. New to Affinity. Used Photoshop for over 25 years now and am an illustrator by trade. My left hand is constantly hitting 'r' or 'spacebar' to rotate or grab and move the canvas so that my right hand can constantly continue making quick consistent painting strokes. I watched the Video about 'Rotating Canvas on Vemo, https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/ipad/video/286346469/ ... However I am not getting the same option in my Navigation Window for locking and unlocking Rotation as well as the Circular Dial for rotating. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Tick
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