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  1. Howdy from the Western mountain US, I’m Bear (my college nickname) and I lecture professionally and train graphic artists and provide technical consulting for the publishing industry. I am an old Adobe Illustrator 1.1 user and was one of the pre-Adobe users of photoshop. I am disgusted with Adobe and the lack of improvement and excessive price and hoping that eventually I can start to soapbox and promote Affinity for professional use to my clients and students. To say that I’m excited about an “Illustrator/Photoshop killer” for the industry is an understatement, after Adobe killed Freehand and then switched to the monthly robbery model I can tell everyone I am just drooling at the possible opportunity to promote a lean and competent competitor. Features we need to work in our industry: Illustrator “like” Spot Color use and then “Adobe separator” printing features including “registration color” and listed print with LPI and halftone angle and shape color separation printing. Photoshop “like” channel spot color generation and DCS 2.0 comparability for printing. Please knock the fat greedy lazy pathetic arrogant monthly robber Barron off the top of the hill. Bear
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