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  1. Huh - I might try and reinstall then cause I've just tried them all again using my file and the one you modified after rebooting my PC with the same results as before (no embedded doc) Hopefully that does the trick but we'll see...
  2. Oh, thanks! I had used Inkscape to trace the screen and saved it as an SVG so I'm really not sure why Designer doesn't like to export it. Maybe I'll try again with some different export/save options from Inkscape - the Image Trace feature in Illustrator was honestly one of my most used tools so I'd really like to get Designer working with the files I get from the tracing in Inkscape. (Why there isn't just a trace in Designer is a bit beyond me but hey ho) This is helpful tho, I appreciate it!
  3. Yep, here it is - thanks for the help! pc-repair-logo-template-design-450w-1182698152.afdesign
  4. Hey all! Just started trying out both Affinity products on Windows today and I've run into a snag with Designer. It seems that I cannot get my file to export as an SVG properly - the "embedded document" portion does not export. Is there a checkbox or step I'm missing?? I am able to export everything as a PNG if I don't resize on export - if I try to resize then the embedded doc portion again does not show up. I've attached the files I get so you can see what's going on as well as a screenshot of my layers in designer. Could also use a tip on how to set the exact artboard size - haven't figured that out just yet... Thanks! NewInterstate-v1.svg
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