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  1. Never said I was a programmer, but I know how these files respond in different software and on the printer. The ps file should include the raster file for the logo and the text and typeface information in it. Corel and Illustrator see these files just fine. Coping the vectors over into afdesigner is wasted effort, when I can do it in illustrator or Corel. I’m trying to determine if afdesigner is gonna get to the point of being a strong package and whether to invest in it. I’m not expecting it to be perfect, it’s only in version 1.7, but I’m expecting it to work up to industry standards in importation of .eps and straight postscript files. I didn’t say I wanted the raster file to be made into lines,.
  2. Okay as I put in the other thread, my main concern is the .ps file and why it's not reading that into curves and making it lines. as for the adobe, if you guys can read and ai file, you might want to get on reading past the .jpg, as you can put a tif file in the header of and eps, will it mess up with those? second point on that, corel can handle it, they have been handling those since, what at least 1990
  3. the .ps file is not written in illustrator, it straight postscript, I can copy this straight to a postscript printer and it will come out, it's just not encapsulated. as in the .eps files, other eps files work with your program, and you just said it understands ai, so.... why would it not pick it up?
  4. Having major issues, importing .ps and .eps files, ai imports them like eps with editable curves, ad, imports them as lines. Also with some of the eps files seems to just make them as a .jpg. The eps file is from freepik, and it does work in illustrator as something editable. 10629.eps P171.PS
  5. It seems to be a font limitation of the software, I unloaded most of my fonts and the programs started working
  6. Yeah, just got the new update, in 1.65 I could pull in .eps files from freepic and they came in as editable vectors. They just come in as raster files. 10629.eps
  7. Well, you're the only new install, and once I started designer I really can't do a screen shot, or it really just kinda of sits there, you can't see much other than the fonts don't show up in the list at the top of the screen, maybe I have to many fonts for it to handle. I uninstalled designer and reinstalled it. That didn't work. I'm including a picture, since it seems to have blocked my ability to prnscrn. If anything else please link me to 1.65, that way I can get up and running again. So my machine is an alienware m17, running all current updates, I have adobe cc, I mainly use illustrator and ps, they both work fine. I did notice if this helps, the 1.65 took forever to load (like 5 -10 mins), but 1.7 doesn't really take about 1 min
  8. Designers is not seeing the fonts I have the system. The small list it does see won't let me type anything. It does create the layer, but it shows nothing. Okay more to this, once the 1.7 gets running, all my fonts disappear for file manager, illustrator, desktop, task manager and ....... is there away to reload 1.65, help
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