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  1. I noticed recently with all the applications that the icons went from really cool to a WTF , I would like to know why it is now a flat and 80's looking icon.??
  2. That looks awesome for publisher I wonder if Affinity is going to create something that is like microsoft Visio
  3. but aren't they suppose to install automatically and be part of the program itself when it installs ? I shouldn't have to manually do it, specially for purchasing the programs. just saying....lol Thats like buying a book, but when you open it there is no text....lol you have to install the text manually.

    Reusing filmstrips as photo borders

    Thank you
  5. Hi guys :) loving all your applications, Ive been playing with publisher for several hours and love it, But, I experienced 2 crashes so far with the program while a duplicating text and moving that text, while I was holding down the left mouse button and moving the text, thats when the program crashed. Im new to your applications, so I dont know where the crash files are located. :) anywys, just wanted to report the crash. thanks :)
  6. I found it, thanks for telling me the path. Question though, How can I find out that it is not also storing my private data or other things that I don't feel comfortable to send with the file. I tried to open it in text application, but its unreadable. I would like to view it before sending it please. Thank you.

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