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  1. I make posters using screenshots from videos. Is there a way to make the photo less blurry and grainy. I know about the unsharpen tool and about the frequency separation but I feel like it’s not achieving what I want. It’s still grainy. I’ve uploaded a grainy screenshot and then the entirety of a poster that I added all the recommended suggestions to unblur it but it’s still blurry. Any suggestions?
  2. I have a question on whether or not I can manipulate the pressure on the size jitter on a brush I’m making so that one and is thicker than the other (like a hair follicle because this is an eyebrow brush for portraits). I’ve attached my current brush settings and the profile (it’s gonna be sideways sorry). No matter how I play with it, it only seems to move the middle not the ends.
  3. Is it possible to do a flatlay perspective (think Birdseye) in AP? I take weekly blog photos and need to know. Thank you!
  4. So I have a png if the Eiffel Tower. It was pink I turned it white by grouping it with a white square and then turned it into a brush but now when I with said brush. It’s only white even if I changed the color on the palette. Did I do something wrong in the process of making the brush?
  5. Does anyone know how to do the crumbled paper effect in AP? I know how to do it in photoshop but the method doesn’t transfer over since AP gradients are a tad different. The link to how to do it in photoshop is below in case anyone needs a reference https://www.myjanee.com/tuts/crumple/crumple.htm
  6. This is technically two questions; with 1.7 updates we got new styles in the near the layers and effects panels, 1) does anyone know the specifications for the old ones so that i can add them back to my library (sunset, salmon, glass, etc) 2) The new styles are textured like the navy one or the gel one. What texture is that? I want to create new ones with new colors, thank you.
  7. Anybody got tips on doing window glare? I used to do white angled squares and reduce the opacity (like with the donut case below)but that trick doesn’t seem to be working these days. I’m not seeing it.
  8. Let’s say I’m drawing a fence so the same shape repeated, is there a way to repeat the shape without having to copy/paste for as many times as I want the shape copied? (So if I want the fence to 10 repeated shapes do I need to paste it 10 individual times?)
  9. I’m working on a table top series so all the designs are a table from the aerial view and I need my ice to look more ice like and figure out the proper way to insert a straw. (I’m also aware my cup is oblong is and I’m gonna fix it) Any advice? Thanks so much!
  10. Is there a way to intertwine text so that if look like one is wrapped around the other seamlessly? I’ve tried everything I can think of even the selection option in AP that supposed to help with typography but I can’t even get that! It has been hours that I’ve been trying. I’ve inserted a pic below so you can see what I mean. It’s done with photo and text but I need to know how to do that alone with two different kinds of text. Please and thank you immensely!
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