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  1. I'm having the same problem. Thought you'd like to know you're not alone. In my case I'm taking pretty random kind of parallel lines - elevation lines - and placing text on them so I don't really have the option of moving the line, placing text and moving the line back. Can be done but not easily. Move the green triangle and everything goes to the left including the orange. Run the green to the right to the end and then reverse the text usually does the trick. Sometimes that puts the text on the wrong side of the line and then I have to start over (in my case undo works) and place the text on the other side of the line somewhere and do it all again. Crazy slow but it gets me there. I adjust the triangles prior to typing any text so the dark triangles are not present with reversed text. Just noticed that my mouse is buggy - probably one of the buttons is not closing correctly - so that may be my problem. Perhaps your mouse has issues? Just tried it in AD and there is not problem - so the new version introduced the bug.
  2. BillCrum

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    The problem continues in version 1.7 so I created a new thread in the 1.7 bug forum. Mark Ingram replied he found the cause - fix won't make ver. 1.7.1 tho' - maybe the beta. He says any file greater than 2GB will cause the failure. Looking forward to the Beta - Affinity Photo is great. I can wait because I have a bunch of photos that are smaller than 2GB - so no pressure.
  3. Excellent. Thank you. Any timeline for when the beta will come out?
  4. Thank you for your reply. I have a bunch of files that are too large - but I also have a bunch that Affinity can open; I'll work on those exclusively until the Beta comes out. I can open the larger files in Gimp if I have to - I'd prefer Affinity though; you guys are great.
  5. Reported this as a bug prior to release 1.7. Apparently the bug report topic was removed when 1.7 was released. Any file - TIFF or DNG tested so far - larger than about 1.7 GB (that's right - GB) will cause Affinity Photo to crash when opened. The crash is immediate upon hitting "open' or when the icon is dragged into Affinity - so there is never an attempt to actually load the file. The bug was reproduced and reported to the developers - but I can no longer find the topic. I'd like to know the status of the fix - or if any is planned.
  6. BillCrum

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    Any progress with this bug?
  7. BillCrum

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    Hi GabrielM Did you get the other files I sent?
  8. BillCrum

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    I didn't send the smaller files because of the upload speed problem I had - my internet speed is probably the issue. But you have large TIFF files from VueScan and SilverFast and a large DNG file from SilverFast to go with StruffelProductions large (2GB) created in xNormal.
  9. BillCrum

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    Upload is really slow - is there a size limit? Anyway - the large files will crash Affinity and Affinity Beta. The corresponding smaller files will load just fine.
  10. BillCrum

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    Hi GabrielM I'm going to upload several files one at a time - 0.6GB TIFFs from VueScan and Silverfast and 2.3GB TIFFs from VueScan and Silverfast. I also am going to upload some DNG files from Silverfast. I noticed a change in behavior that I am at a loss to explain - the larger files still cause Affinity to crash but now it is after some time after open. Before it would crash as soon as you clicked on the open button. I haven't done anything that I know of that could cause this change - I have continued to scan images and have several GB of new images on my hard disk. One change could be I have started scanning and working in a folder on my SSD and then transferring to my hard drive (and back-ups) - previously the files that worked or caused the problem were loaded from the hard drive.
  11. BillCrum

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    I'm well aware that there are problems with Vuescan DNG - have been for years. I should not have mentioned VueScan, I doubt that it has anything to do with this bug. This is not about VueScan issues - this is about large files - so far TIFF from any source and DNG from SilverFast but probably other formats as well - causing a fatal error when loaded. Save often.
  12. BillCrum


    Played around some - files larger than 1.9GB - TIFF or DNG - will cause Affinity to crash. Beta will also crash but won't open a bug report dialog. Files (TIFF or DNG) smaller than 1.5GB are no problem. I'm archiving some rather large photos with small detail using a scanner so create some pretty large files. Occasionally I hit the size limit. I should think with all the super crazy cameras out there large DNG files should be fairly common.
  13. Hi MEB Just an update. Any file, TIFF or DNG larger than 1.9GB will cause Affinity to crash immediately - not just TIFF. Affinity crashes immediately on open - not while loading. As soon as you hit the open button or release the file if you drag it into Affinity the program crashes. The released version opens the bug window for a bug report but the Beta version just closes. A TIFF file smaller than 1.5GB loads into Photo Persona - larger than 1.9GB crashes. A DNG file smaller than 1.5GB loads into Develop Persona and larger than 1.9 GB crashes. I should think DNG files that are very large are fairly common. TIFF files larger than a GB are probably rare except for archive purposes.
  14. BillCrum

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    Further - the same thing happens for DNG files. Vuescan has always had a problem with DNG files - but DNG files files created by SilverFast can be loaded into Affinity and they automatically open in the develop persona just as they are supposed to. Unless they are larger than 2GB - then they cause Affinity to crash. I haven't tried any other formats - I wonder if it's just a size thing. Anybody else interested?
  15. BillCrum

    Crash upon opening tiff file

    there's more. I took a fairly large Tiff and opened it in Affinity - 800MB file size - with no problem. I resized it and exported to a Tiff with a file size of 2.5GB. When I open the larger Tiff it causes Affinity to crash.

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