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  1. Hello, You can find the file attached here, let me know if you can reproduce it? Open the file, say no to get back the backup version of the file, ctrl + drag mouse to select part of the square on the right, delete them (which will in fact make all the square disappear, i was expecting to delete only the squares on the right), then ctrl + Z shutdown my affinity designer program. ALCDS.afdesign
  2. I have a bug i can reproduce, my designer is running on Windows 10. Here is a video of the bug: https://youtu.be/513ypHoGLWo Here is a description of what i did to achieve it: hope it can help, and sorry for the fancy music on the video
  3. Sorry forgot to mention it was with affinity designer, not affinity photo. I'm working with curves and shapes, didn't see any option to do what i'd like to achieve I want the middle not to move. The reason i want it in the middle is that the top and bottom are actually part of a hat i made, so there is the front of the hat and the rear of the hat. The middle layer is my character wearing the hat. So i want the front of my hat to cover the forehead of my character, but i don't want the rear (which actually is more the inside of the hat, and the hat is wear slightly bended rear) to cove
  4. Hi There, I have the same question. I have 3 layers, and i need the top one and bottom one to be linked: when i move the top one, i want the bottom one to move with it, and also when i move the bottom one, i want the top one to move with. Is this possible to achieve?
  5. Hello stokerg, thanks for your reply And if in the future i decide to buy my own laptop computer, i'll be fine installing affinity on it? There are no limitation on the number of computer i install it, as long as i'm the only user using the software?
  6. Hello, I'd like to know if i'm allowed to install and use my affinity softwares on my computer at work. I don't own the computer at work, it's the company i work for property. But i use the same computer everyday. Also, i'm working as a computer engineer, so my main task is not designing here, in fact i don't do design at all for my work, but i'd like to be able to do some design at my work during my spare time. Have I the right to do that, or should i better go buy a laptop for this purpose and bring it with me at work? Cheers, Alex
  7. Hello I followed your instructions, but i didn't see any crash report file pop in the given directory before i closed the pop up message unfortunatly. Isn't there any flag i can set while launching the program such as a debug flag to have logs written whatever happens in the software?
  8. Well that's strange. But searching your forum, i saw I'm not the only one to get this bug. Are there any crash log i can submit to you to help resolve this issue ? Maybe it's linked to my cpu, or my gpu, but it'd be strange because i have a strong config (nvidia rtx 1080, i7 and 16gb ram). Would be glad to help in any way.
  9. I tried with the beta version and encountered the same bug after 2 minutes. Did you try moving the point quick like i did?
  10. Are there any log that i can enable in order to get maybe more info about the crash?
  11. I just managed to reproduce it, here is the footage of the bug: Just before the bug happened, it have hit Ctrl + Z on my keyboard, then the bug happens. Thought it was link to that, to i tried making the same manipulation multiple time, but it didn't do anything. Also when the bug occurs, i clearly hear my cpu doing strange noise and the cpu fan accelerating. Btw, the video is on youtube but not searchable, tell me when you processed all the info needed to find a fix, so that i delete the video from my account
  12. Hello, I just reproduced it now, only creating a new empty project, then clicking on text tool, writing text, then directly clicking warp mesh tool and randomly moving all the 4 edges of the text quickly. Here in the blank project i created for it. I tried the same manipulation 10 times in a row, without producing any bug. It seems quite random. Will try doing the same thing 5 minutes and record it in case it occurs. I should add that yesterday i managed to work on my design without any problem, and i used only the warp mesh tool a lot. Sans titre.afphoto
  13. Hello, I'm actually making a design using a lot of text that i warp to follow some shapes, using the warp mesh tool. Unfortunatly, i got multiple crash since the beginning i'm making this design. I'm on Windows 10 64 bits, i think i saw already some subject about it here. It's a little bit annoying, i have to save each time i successfully do a warp, to be sure i don't lose my work. Any fix soon about this one?
  14. Hello, Would be great if the Mesh Warp Tool could be created with a default number of nodes. Actually only 4 nodes (one on each corner) is not a lot, i'd like it to behave like in Photoshop where it creates 4 nodes on each line of the mesh. I know i can add nodes manually, but it'd quicken the workflow if by default there was already 4 nodes on each line of the mesh.
  15. Hello, Just a simple question: is there a way to define the default number of nodes created when you use the mesh warp tool? I'd like it to behave like the warp tool in photoshop where it creates by default a grid of 4 x 4 nodes to warp the object, whereas on affinity photo it creates only a grid of 2 x 2 nodes. Any way to modify the default number of nodes created in Affinity Photo?
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