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  1. Hi. I need to re-install my system (wipe completely). How to un-register Affinity Publisher? MacOS Mojave.
  2. Additional question Is it possible to create a shortcut to the custom styles?
  3. Hello. When I double click a PDF page that is imported into Publisher, it opens a kind of vector editor. Than when I want to move an item, I want to use the keyboard arrows in order to move it in one direction. But the problem I face is that it moves to much. I need to nudge it by a very small instance. I couldn't find where to change the "resolution" of the move.
  4. I have found it, but I think there is a bug. I could add one style, but further styles I can't.
  5. Wow! It worked!! Thank you, Joachim_L !! Additional questions: 1) can I by any way remove all applied effects at once? 2) Or to swap all of them with the simple stroke? 3) ...And if there is an option to save that stroke as preset so that I can simply apply to the another items? I really love Affinity Publisher!!
  6. No idea. I am sorry I can't answer since I don't know what you mean (I am a basic user). I will try to find it (simple stroke as you said).
  7. Hello. What effect do I need to apply in order to avoid resterizing the output in PDF around the item? Here is what I want, and what I get.
  8. Is there any way to save Layer Effect as a template, to be used for other objects and in other documents? For instance, I want to save this as a template and be able to apply quickly.
  9. Good to hear! We would than obtain licenses for Publisher and Designer without one second to think more. My secondary comment as the "ethical" issue was induced by another thread when a user motivated the embedding with "privacy concerns". Therefore my comment as such.
  10. Thank you for your reflection. You have to read my whole comment. It will be waste of time to continue with this discussion. We were very happy when discovered indeed fantastic applications, but unfortunately we can't use it, because of this issue. Just one vote more for using embedded fonts in PDF or other vector files.
  11. This reasoning is very common for people who work with publishing in a publishing software. Composers are not publishers, they don'thave a clue how it works. And music notation is only partly done in notation software. Outlining lines and curves, editing curves, object position adjustments, fixing colour, adding footer, pagination and title pages that conforms our templates and standards, combining with title and intro pages, adding ismn info, making pre-press pdf files IS NOT POSSIBLE IN A NOTATION SOFTWARE. So please understand that the way music publishers work is not exactly how other publishers work. InDesign and Illustrator is the very standard for music publishers beside several notation programs. As a fact, the both Adobe programs don't have these limits what I have described. If Adobe can, Affinity could as well.
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