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  1. Hi everyone, I exported my file to psd and the colors are changed when I see them in the browser. I then opened it in affinity designer again and the colors were changed. I have seen people having this issue but no solution. The first attachment is the original color and the second one is the one after export. Can someone help me out? Thank you!
  2. The colors were CMYK. Not sure about the color profile.
  3. I exported the file in PDF (for print) with 300 dpi. Is that what you are trying to ask?
  4. I attached the file below. StandeePrint.afdesign
  5. Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing good. I have bought Affinity Designer a while ago (I used Inkscape before) just for the reason that I won't have issues with printing material. Below is the problem I am having. I created a standard roll up banner for marketing for a startup I am working for. I have attached two images and you can see the color difference between those two. I used CMYK colors and still, the result is in front of you guys. Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you!
  6. Hey Everyone, I don't know what I really did. I can't revert it back. As you can see in the image, the rectangle is shown outside the page borders which is usually not shown. I would thankful if you guys can reply.
  7. Hi everyone, I hope you guys are doing good. I recently purchased Affinity designer and make a shift from Inkscape because of the printing issues. I had printed 700 pamphlets and they all had colors issues for some reason. Which was a total waste and I had to make a change in software which I was wishing for a long time. The reason for posting on this forum is that I really want to know the best practices for printing in affinity designer. Now, I have a few questions, I started my affinity document with the Print (Press ready), 300 dpi and everything needed. When I imported an eps file from Inkscape just to take inspiration from it and redesign the pamphlet in affinity, I got a notification that the colors have been changed to RBG for that eps, did that change it for both the affinity document and the eps file I imported from Inkscape? Another question, I imported a png image to use it in my design. Since I am a newbie, I wanted to ask would that also cause issues in printing? I know I am not making sense but I would be thankful if you guys can help me out. Thank you!