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  1. Hello all I am in the learning process using Affinity which I find an excellent program. Before Mac I used a free photo editing program called FastStone Image Viewer. In that program it is possible to access Lat and Long co -ordinates by going to the exif data and clicking on the Google icons. I find this a very handy feature as my camera has an inbuilt GPS and I can identify sites where, mostly, imagers of flora are taken for reference to other users. The co-ordinates are avialble in Affinity and I wanted to ask if anyone knows if its possible to view the locations noted in Affinity by opening them in Google Maps or Earth directly from the Affinity software Thank you and cheers Popeye
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    Hello All Im Kevin aka popeye......new to Affinity..new to Mac via a Mac mini which Im finding very good to use apart from my ancient brain not getting some of the routines in place (i.e. You can't minimise a screen on Safari and work on another....tiny thing but I forget to open a new browser window before minimising)....I am an amateur photographer with a leaning towards macro work, especially flora...Im also a member of a camera club . In the past I have used a free program called FastStone (windows) it is very easy and convenient to use BUT...it doesn't have layers and it can't be used on Mac. So..Im trying Affinity and hoping I can do the editing I need to do easily and quickly but still have the the more complex features available..from what Ive seen browsing Affinity offers more than most other photo editing programs

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