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  1. Well...so in this case I'm afraid I can't remove the laptop from the workflow I guess the best way to do it will be copying the raws to icloud drive from the computer, and then open these raws from Affinity Photo in the iPad, and once the raws are edit, export the JPEG to de camera roll. Maybe with iOS 13 we will be able to access the SD Card in Affinity directly, I wish!
  2. Thank you stokerg, the thing is...does the Photos app begin importing photos immediately without confirmation by the user? If don´t it would be easy, I cancel the import and keep using the Afifinity app, but I think it's not working like that....:(
  3. Hello everyone, I'm thinking about purchasing the app for my iPad, but I have a couple of doubts. At the beggining I thought the best idea was to transfer the RAW's files from the sd card to the macbook, and then copy the file into a icloud drive folder. Then, I guess I can open the raw with Affinity on the iPad, edit the photo and export a JPEG to de camera roll. I guess this is a factible workflow, isn´it? But I would like to have an option where the laptop is out of the workflow.Is it possible to connect the sd card via lightning adapter to the iPad and import raws directly to the Affinity app without importing previously into the Photo iOS app? As I understood, the Photos app opens up and import pics automatically when connecting the lightning adapter, and it's a problem for me. Thank you all.
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