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  1. lizkohlerbrown

    App Crashes When I Try to Export Assets

    Thank you Callum!
  2. lizkohlerbrown

    App Crashes When I Try to Export Assets

    p.s. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2nd Gen 12.3.1 software. I just tried exporting an asset category with only 3 simple assets and that crashed the app too.
  3. Hi everyone, I created an asset category containing 33 vector assets, and every time I press Export Category, the app crashes. I've exported big groups of assets before the last update with no problem. Does anyone know a fix for this? I need to have the vectors as assets to offer them as a download for my students, but it doesn't seem possible anymore. Thanks for any help you can offer! Liz
  4. Hi everyone, When I try to export a doc I created in Affinity to Illustrator on my computer, the artboards get changed. Is there any way to export the file from Affinity to Illustrator and preserve the artboard placements? I created 3 artboards in Affinity, then exported the file as an SVG and when I opened the file in Illustrator it was all one big artboard rather than 3 little ones. Thanks for your help! Liz
  5. lizkohlerbrown

    Inches Measurement

    Affinity Designer for iPad. I attached an example of how the repeat ends up. Here is my process: 1) create a canvas at 10 x 10 inches 2) make a vector shape and place it on the edge of the canvas 3) duplicate the vector and move it 10 inches to the other side of the canvas 4) this item should seamlessly repeat 5) save the file and open it in any other program to check the repeat. The shapes don't match up. So the app is saving 1-2 pixels outside the artboard when the inches measurement is used. If you do the same process with pixels, it matches up perfectly.
  6. lizkohlerbrown

    Inches Measurement

    I believe the inches measurement isn't calculated correctly in the app. I make seamless repeat patterns and they work fine when I work in pixels, but when I work in inches, the repeat is always off by 1 or 2 pixels. A bunch of people in my Facebook group have reported the exact same issue.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to create a seamless repeat pattern in Affinity iPad version, but every time I do, there is a small offset issue because the exported image is saving information that is outside the artboard. Is there a way to save the image without getting the areas just outside the artboard? Here is a video showing the process I'm using: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGsnRoMxeuU For example if you: 1) create a 10 x 10 inch document 2) create a polygon and place it on the left edge of the canvas 3) move it to the right exactly 10 inches using the transform tool 4) save the image as a png or jpg 5) bring the image into affinity to repeat it then the image doesn't match up. I attached an image as an example so you can see the matchup issue where the two images meet. If anyone knows of a way to not save what is outside the artboard, or a better way to make a repeat in Affinity, I would love to know! Thank you! Liz