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  1. It's a pity that the Text Frame will not be part of Designer. Especially because in Designer it is possible to make an shape and convert it to a Text Frame (Layers > Convert to Text Frame). In the beta version of Designer it is now keeping the fill and stroke settings of that shape (Very nice feature! Keeping the fill and stroke was not the case in version 1.6). But after converting, as GRAFKOM mentioned, you do not have any options to change these settings or you have to move to Publisher. And switching between applications (or personas) for only such a simple change is not very intuitive. So for now i'm using the old method and creating the shape and Text Frame as seperated layers. Maybe it is a possibilty to add a stripped down version of the Text Frame to Designer with only fill and stroke settings? I understand that the other settings of the Text Frame panel are primarily for Publisher. But most of all. Go on like this, because the applications are getting better and better!