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  1. Cliff Eastabrook

    Text Wrap Issue

    Yep, that's the badger! Operator logic fail. I was thinking "I want this text to wrap around a thing" not "I want this thing to make text wrap around it". And now the "ignore text wrap" option for a text box makes sense as well. ("I want this text to ignore that thing") Thank you
  2. Cliff Eastabrook

    Text Wrap Issue

    Hi fde101, Thanks for coming to help. Indeed I did. Just to save working through all the things I have done: I tried different wrap options. I went to the tutorial and made sure I wasn't missing anything. I verified "ignore text wrap" was turned off. I quit and re-started AP I created a new text box and typed in fresh text. I re-saved the document, closed it and re-opened it. ...I didn't at any point try it with "ignore text wrap" turned on... so that might be worth a shot since it's ignoring text wrap when it's off...
  3. Cliff Eastabrook

    Text Wrap Issue

    Hi, Mostly loving Affinity Publisher, very straightforward and easy to use. Running 257 on High Sierra. I can't get text wrap to work at all. Also getting random selections in the text wrap dialogue box. It is a file that was saved on the previous build. Cheers, Cliff

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