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  1. Since I'm new to APh, it didn't dawn on me that "Arrange" was for layers. Thanks for the info, and the idea about customizing the toolbar.
  2. I discovered that there actually is a shortcut to move the layer (see previous reply). But I really appreciate you took the time to give me such a detailed reply. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Paul! "Command+[" moves it down on the Mac. Just what I wanted.
  4. Thanks, and boy is this going to be a learning experience. But I'm up to it. Thanks again!
  5. When I do something like "New Fill Layer", I want it at the bottom of the layers list. Is there a way to way to automatically add a new fill layer to the bottom of the layers, or else a keyboard shortcut to move the current layer down, preferably to the bottom? Thanks.
  6. Thanks! Good tips, and I'm collecting them.
  7. Woo hoo! I'm still learning AP terms, so that one didn't click. I feel kind of silly, but that's what it's like when you learn new software. Thanks for the reply! By the way, do people abbreviate Affinity Photo "AP" on this forum? Another thing to learn is forum practices.
  8. Let's say I've started creating a path with the Pen tool, and I've got a handful of nodes already present. Then I realize I need to start over. Is there a command that resets the pen tool, or deletes all the nodes, or something like that?
  9. Am I correct that there's no "crop to content" command in Affinity Photo? I bought AP to replace the things I do in GIMP. I have several tasks I've automated (through a macro program) that use GIMP's "Crop to Content" command. Please tell me I've just missed seeing the command somewhere!

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