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  1. OP posted this thread on July 26th and still no solution to this known problem? When might we see a bug fix?
  2. Getting very odd artifacts while using the vector brush and the pencil in Affinity Designer for iPad. Ive tested this on 2 different iPads, and 2 different apple pencils, happens on both! Super frustrating and completely random every vector brush stroke. I know others are most likely experiencing this exact same problem. anyone have a work around or know a trick? affinity_Designer_bug.mp4
  3. changing the brush from round cap to butt cap did nothing to the tail end of the stroke, only thing it chances is the beginning of the stroke to a straight across cap instead of a round cap. Usually its the tail end of the brush stroke that has the biggest artifacts anyways. Looking forward to an update fixing this issue! till then I can't use your software