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  1. Hi @Chris B Thanks for the information The Butt Cap is not working correctly too. As discussed with @R C-R it will give you just a small thin line, but still visible, especially when zooming in (see latest screenshot).
  2. I agree with you! Thanks for your efforts. Can someone move the post, or should I post it again in the bug forum?
  3. Thanks @R C-R That was my first thought too. But when you zoom in, there is still a line as you can see in the screenshot. Is that one normal too? EDIT: It seems there has to be a cap with the general stroke width, no matter of the stroke width at the start/end point. EDIT2: When you look at the video, you can see, that the cap (no matter which one you choose) will disappear, when changing the curve. So it is happening only with certain curves - short ones do not have the problem. (Sorry for editing so often)
  4. Hi, when drawing with the vector brush or pencil tool, I sometimes get wired endings (when drawing long lines crossing itself several times and “pressure-controller”). The ending changes when choosing a different ending, but never disappears - only if i move certain points. Is it a bug or is it just me being stupid? EDIT: Added the .afdesign file. 896AF28E-14B6-4981-856E-8373A642B2CD.MOV copy.afdesign
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