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  1. Watch the attached video closely (and probably in full screen so the pixels are easy to see). Notice that many times when my cursor is visibly over a node and I click, the node is not selected or moved. Instead it acts as if I've click-dragged the background or dragged the curve around, since it doesn't register than I'm on the node. In the video Edit>Preferences>Tools>Tool Handle Size is set to Largest, but even at Default the problem occurs for the edges of square nodes. (You can tell because the cursor turns black when properly hovering above a node.) I have the nodes set to Largest so I can grab nodes with the mouse easily, not just so I can see them better. It's very frustrating essentially having a bunch of buttons that aren't clickable over their whole visible area Nodes should be clickable when the cursor is anywhere above the node icon, including the red and blue borders. I'm using Affinity Designer on Windows 10 Home 64-bit. badnodes.mp4
  2. Attached is a quick clip in Inkscape 0.92.3 just to demonstrate. bsplineadjust.mp4 You can move the nodes normally by left-click-dragging them with the node tool, and adjust their "pointiness" continuously by shift-left-click-dragging the octagonal node handles. Really handy. Note that to draw bsplines in the first place the pen tool needs to be on "Create Bspline path" mode at the top, not Bezier or Spiro or something else.
  3. Ah, I see. In CorelDraw I can make a clamp control point (fully pointy) or a float control point (fully curved) with each bspline node. But what about something in between clamp and float that is continuously adjustable? That's what I'm talking about in Inkscape, and what I'd love to see in Affinity.
  4. Oh, my bad. I know you can move the nodes around individually but can you adjust their "pointiness" in CD? (Like you can in Inkscape by shift+click-dragging the node handles of bsplines with the Node tool.) Apologies, I am brand new to CorelDraw and only on a trial version.
  5. Yeah, that's right MikeW. The "B-Spline" tool just under "Pen" in the little dropdown of drawing tool types.
  6. Well that's too bad, but I can hope. It just really sounded like Affinity was about to get bsplines a year or two ago and now it might be unlikely to ever happen
  7. I'm brand new to Affinity Designer but trialing it I found it has a great ui and pretty much every feature I need except one major omission: bsplines. By bsplines I mean b-splines or basis splines (or possibly NURBS curves? I'm not entirely sure on the math definition), basically a different way of drawing curves than beziers that can be far more intuitive. Specifically, I'm looking for the kind of bsplines Inkscape has where you can adjust the "pointiness" of each node in a bspline curve by shift-dragging node handles, kind of similar to how the Corner Tool works in Affinity. Open the attached svg in Inkscape for an example. I use bsplines literally all the time in Inkscape because I find continuous curves without ugly flat spots far easier to make, yet they are surprisingly lacking from software. Adobe Illustrator doesn't have bsplines. CorelDraw has them but not with adjustable nodes as far as I can tell. Inkscape has them but Inkscape has lots of other drawbacks and issues. Now-legacy DrawPlus apparently had them though they weren't in the starter edition I was able to find. Affinity Designer, on the other hand, has been primed to get bsplines for a number of years according to various forum posts here like this, this or this from January 2015: So here I am, expressing interest but the last mention I can find was in December 2016 and now it's 2019, so my big question is: is there any chance of bsplines finally coming to Affinity Designer in 2019? The addition of bsplines with adjustable nodes to Affinity would make my rating of the product go from 8/10 to 10/10, or 12/10 if they could be drawn with the Vector Brush Tool (I would have easily paid double!). Thanks for reading all this and making an otherwise exceptional product. I really want to make Affinity one of my core graphics programs, just the lack of bsplines is holding me back. (Note that I am aware bezier nodes in Affinity have a "smart" mode where their handles are adjusted automatically, somewhat similar to bsplines, but I really don't find that the same, and the moment you adjust them they become un-smart. Also I did check the beta, no mention of bsplines there ) bspline_example.svg
  8. discretegames

    Clip to Canvas clips part of the image

    Thank you. It's active support like this that makes me want to buy software - which is why I just bought Affinity
  9. I'm still trialing Affinity but I noticed an issue that would be problematic for me when working on small images. When in Clip to Canvas mode ("\" key toggle) one screen pixel on the right and bottom of the canvas are always hidden. So for say a 300x200px canvas at 100% zoom you'll actually only see 299x199px, or at 10% zoom you'll only see 29x19px. It's easy to see if you make a rectangle the exact size as the the canvas with a 1 pixel inside-aligned stroke (see attached), then the lower and right edges of that stroke can't be seen at 100% zoom when Clip to Canvas is on. With Clip to Canvas off things are mostly fine, I just wish the light gray canvas border line was always a perfect crisp single pixel wide (or not there at all). At some zooms it will blur and bleed into the canvas, which means you aren't really seeing the exact image as it would be exported at that zoom. clipped.afdesign

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